Reflections upon the 13th floor

Many of my undergraduate days were spent studying on the top floor of the main library. It’s one of my favourite spots to study as it overlooks the city. A picturesque view to study from morning till night, sunrise to sunset.

The last of my results came out today. I’ve finally finished all the required courses to graduate. It’s a totally different feel walking around my campus now that I’m done. My university is known for it’s architecture, a Hogwarts-like feel to the older buildings. But I never came around to fully appreciate it. It’s ranked within the top 20 universities in the world, but I spent most of my studying days hating this place.  The disdain was largely due to my poor health. In my third year of undergrad, my body completely shut down, and I didn’t have much energy beyond my studies. I never went out much from my campus, to see all that this city had to offer. Whenever I reflect upon my university career, there are things I wish I did differently. I could have… I should have…

There’s no point dwelling in the past. In hindsight, I don’t regret studying here. I moved to this city at 17, a four hour flight away from home. The independence from the last four years both had it’s ups and downs; learning to stand up for myself and how to pick myself up after falling.  I don’t remember what I learnt in first year organic chem, or how I even managed to pass that course. But University has taught me skills in other avenues: self-discipline from those late night study sessions and self-control in dealing with pesky roommates….And perhaps these life skills are what matters the most.


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