Growing up and growing apart

Friendships come to an end not just because of distance. Sometimes it’s due to different stages in life: friends who graduated early and started working, friends who married early and started a family…

As I grow older, it seems more inevitable that friendships are always evolving. It’s not like high school, where you see the same people everyday; eat lunch everyday and hang out on the weekends. It requires more effort to keep in touch with those around you. We all have different responsibilities as we grow older. Maybe from work, or from our own families…

I seldom talk to my high school friends and except for a few, I barely talk to my friends from university. Friendships are a two way thing, and I’ll admit my personality is part of the blame. I don’t like texting, I prefer talking on the phone. I don’t like small talk, I prefer serious conversations. I don’t like staying in one place for too long, I prefer exploring.

The latter gets me in the most trouble. It gets hard to keep in touch when you’re always moving. It feels like I’m always making new friends, always getting to know someone. I miss being able to know someone like the back of my hand. I miss being able to call friends late at night and talk about random things…

I’m not the type of person to get attached to people, but it still hurts a bit when a friendship comes to an end. Regardless of how the friendship ended, the relationship is over. And sometimes that realization is harder to come to terms with than anything else.


4 thoughts on “Growing up and growing apart

  1. Monika says:

    Amen to this! Our high school group is suffering a crisis because we don’t share the everyday life in school and the meet ups in the weekend anymore. Are you sure you don’t have anyone you can call late at night to talk about random things? I know it’s not the most usual thing anymore, at least not for me, but maybe you could start a new little routine with someone.

    I’m also (mostly) not very attached to people (anymore), but sometimes I think that it’s easier to start new friendships all the time, but that we should nurture our old friendships as well because those were the people who grew up with us and were there for us during our crises – I mean we shouldn’t throw old friendships away because they’re more difficult to maintain .. but then, just keeping them for the sake of keeping them doesn’t make sense either so I’m a bit in a dilemma. I hope you got what I mean, haha.


    • Yuki says:

      I got what you mean. The dilemma of keeping a friendship alive because of shared experiences or just letting them go.

      It’s easy to make new friends but as time goes on it gets hard to maintain, especially when you’re not living in the same area. Perhaps I should just live in the same city longer haha.


      • Monika says:

        Exactly! I’ll see how it goes with my high school friends..
        haha are you planning to stay for a while wherever you are at the moment? 🙂


      • Yuki says:

        Sadly no haha. I feel like I’m in a weird transition state. I’m teaching English in Korea to take a break before going back for graduate school. So I definitely will have to leave in a few months . I guess maybe that’s why I feel so unattached , I’m always leaving places !

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