Flirting in Korea


Yup. My biggest ‘culture shock’ in Korea is dating. I’m literally the worst when it comes to flirting. I can tell when someone is interested in my friends, but I struggle when it happens to me. Throw in a different culture and I’m pretty much clueless.

So if a guy texts you everyday, tells you to take care when the weather is cold, or that he cares for you, etc. If this was back in Canada, I’d take all these as little hints that someone is interested. However, that’s not the case here.

I’m often told that Koreans guys are more ‘chivalrous’ than their counterparts back in Canada. Showing someone you care about them is just part of their culture.


TL;DR Language,crazy taxis, squatting toilets, etc. All of these don’t confuse me as much as dating in a different country 


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