My soul misses Seoul

Is it possible to miss a country this much when you don’t even have the right to call it your own?

I spent my summer in Seoul, half studying, but mainly sight seeing. I made friends using a language outside my mother tongue, and my heart skipped a beat whenever anyone assumed I was Korean. I’m not sure what exactly I’ll miss the most. The feeling of being lost, new discoveries, or the joy in finding familiar things in a distant land…

I miss going to Hongdae and hearing the clubs boom with music
I miss going to the fish market and tasting weird delicacies
I miss staying out all night with friends
I miss seeing the couples walking along the Han River
I miss the familiar chimeĀ of the convenient store
I miss the luxury of shopping in underground subway stores
But I do not miss those pesky salespeople
I miss being able to see my favourite celebrities and hearing Kpop blasts in the streets
I miss the burning taste of Soju
I miss the cute accessory shops.

One summer. That’s all it took for me to fall in love with this country.